Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hair Loss Prevention Tips

Hair LossHair loss and baldness is a frightening specter for everybody. Various attempts were made to avoid the problem. Hundreds of thousands of money floating for salon hair care salons in the following well-known drug prevention buy hair loss with a variety of brands.

In general, hair loss caused by two factors namely hereditary factors or genetic and acquired factors. Loss due to heredity is not much to do other than prevent the loss does not take place quickly. While factors obtained, there is a caused by the disease and there is also the fault of the hair treatment.

Here are some tips you can do to reduce the occurrence of hair loss:
# Eat nutritious foods, especially a lot of protein and iron. Protein is essential for the growth of organs including the hair. The main source of protein derived from fish, eggs, nuts, yogurt, soy and more.
# Avoid stress because stress will disturb the body's metabolism to receive the effects of hair, too.
# Stay away from the drug that can disturb the growth of hair.
# Sport. Exercise regularly to facilitate the circulation of blood, including circulation in the scalp hair that will menutrisi.
# Rest enough so that your hair growth is more optimal.
# Stop smoking, reduce caffeine consumption. Both these substances are not good for your hair.
# Avoid using too hot water when shampooing and also avoid using the hair dryer too often. Dry your hair with a towel and had aired in the open air.
# Protect your scalp from direct sunlight.
# Choose to use a good herbal shampoo, do not use a shampoo made of chemicals that are not clear.
# Comb your hair gently while still in a state of hair slightly damp.
# Reduce the use of hair gel, cream, hair oil, hair dye and hair spray. Use products made from natural materials.
# When you shave, suggest your barber use a sharp scissors.
# Avoid the habit of pulling hair pulled with no clear reason.

Hair is the crown of a woman, so treat it well before she was pouting.


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