Sunday, April 5, 2009

Preventing Lyme Disease -Tips

I distinctly remember that day, when I stepped out of my office to play golf with friends. I was enjoying my game, until one of my shot landed in a bushy wooden spot, far off a golf arena. I took out my golf ball and suddenly, I assumed an insect bit me. The excruciating pain was unbearable. This feeling was somewhat which I had never experienced any time before.

My life changed with lymes disease.

I made a serious research on Lyme diseases. I found that the source of it is a tick bite. These tikes are mostly found in wooden regions. If not treated on time, this disease disrupts the entire functioning of the body. A single tick bite has changed my life. However, my disease has taught me that we be always careful in life.

My incentive is to worn people of the different signs and risks connected to Lymes Disease.

1. When you go for mountaineering or walking in grassy or wooded areas Wear long trousers and tuck them into socks. They must be tight at the wrists, ankles and waist.

Wear a hat when spending your time in impenetrably tree-covered areas.

2. Take a medical checkup regularly for any of symptoms of Lymes disease, in a case of you are going to work in the garden and hang out mostly around bushes.

3. Do not use your hands to remove ticks. Use certain tools such as tweezers to remove ticks. If you are using your fingers, wear gloves or use facial tissues and wash your hands after taking off the ticks. If not, there is a fair chance that you will get infected with Lymes Disease.

4. Special attention is needed every single day to exposed hairy regions of the body, as ticks can be clinging to these regions. Check your scalp too.

5. Avoid areas such as high grasses, gardens, marshes and beach locations, particularly towns where Lymes disease is plagued. You have to avoid hanging out in tick infested habitats and surroundings, in endemic areas of lymes disease. In addition, you need to cut down in your recreational activities such as landscaping, forestry, hiking, camping and other outdoor occupations.

6. After you finish your daily activities in garden or dense bushes, remove your clothes and comprehensively check all the skin surface areas for any legions of Lymes Disease

7. Decrease the infection of lymes disease with the use of repellents and covering your entire body with guarding clothes.

Apply tick and insect repellents that contain N,N-Diethyl-m-Toluamide (DEET) to the skin for additional safety from Lymes disease. It is necessary to repeat these applications frequently for maximum efficiency. Later, you need to wash it with soap and water. You can spray Permethrin, a synthetic pyrethroid repellent spray on clothes. This solution kills ticks, when they come in contact.

8. Remove such environments, which are suitable for ticks and their reservoir hosts as an example of leaf litter and woodpiles. Clear brush and trees and keep grass mowed. You can also call pesticides to destroy ticks if in large number. You need to keep out animals such as deer and mice, as ticks carry this infection from these animals.

9. Vaccination: Good news is that there is a vaccine to prevent lymes disease. On December 21, 1998, US Food and Drug Administration licensed Lyme disease vaccine. This vaccine is suitable for persons between age groups between 15 to 70 years. Studies expose that, this vaccine is safe and efficient. So, you must be vaccinated in local areas to avoid being infected with lymes disease.

By; Michael Green

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Anonymous,  April 6, 2009 at 8:30 AM  

I believe that the vaccination you mention is no longer available. Lyme Disease is a big problem in my area of the NE. It is very important to avoid getting bitten by ticks. We use Damminix tick tubes ( you can get them from in our backyard. You spread them around your property in the spring and they get rid of the ticks, without harming pets or other wildlife.

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