Friday, August 7, 2009

Preventing Heartburn Symptom

Most people will suffer heartburn symptoms at some stage in their lives. Heartburn is an uncomfortable experience and for some, it can be chronic.

Recognizing heartburn symptoms is a bit like "closing the gate after the horse has bolted." A burning sensation or heat rising up from the abdomen in waves into a persons throat will signal a heartburn attack. A sour taste in the mouth follows and then a period of discomfort.

Heartburn symptom will usually occur about 30 minutes after a meal and the worse thing a sufferer can do is to lie down. Standing upright or taking antacids can often provide relief. Heartburn symptom can vary from mild to chronic. Mild symptom can be easily treated at home however, if symptoms persist then it's wise to seek a medical opinion.

So what can you do to prevent heartburn? Commonsense says some lifestyle change may be required. Recognize what preceded a heartburn symptom. In my case for example, I found heartburn symptom would occur following too much coffee. A self confessed coffee addict, I suddenly realised the onset of heartburn symptom followed the consumption of one too many gourmet coffees. I then cut down my coffee consumption by about 90 per cent and haven't had a problem since. Obviously my case is was treated as mild heartburn symptom but I was aware enough to firstly recognize what brought it on and then to do something about it.

It may be a good idea to keep a record before and after you make any changes to your lifestyle. These can be discussed with your doctor, particularly any improvements you notice so you can then set about re-adjusting.

Diet is another area to look at when recognizing heartburn symptom. In most instances, heartburn symptom sufferers can relate an episode to one or more types of food. Once you identify these you can set about reorganizing your diet. There are known categories of foods that don't go hand in hand with heartburn and for chronic sufferers in particular, a major dietry change may be required.

There are a number of treatments for heartburn symptom including antacids but treatment can vary in relation to the seriousness of any related heartburn attack. Again, your physician can provide information on these. In my instance, I identified what brought on my heartburn symptom and acted accordingly.

Heartburn symptom doesn't have to rule your life. With heartburn, prevention is sometimes better than cure. Take some commonsense steps such as isolating instances and dietry intake preceding an attack and you will be well on the way to getting on top of any future heartburn symptom threat.

Author; Dean Caporella, is a professional broadcaster with an interest in a wide range of topics. Visit for the latest in heartburn news and reviews.

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