Thursday, May 21, 2009

Adult Diabetes Symptoms

Before telling you what the adult diabetes symptoms are, you are required to be told what the diabetes is. The diabetes actually is related with insulin to be produced by our pancreas. Any disorder in insulin production causes the diabetes. There are three types of diabetes which the children, men and women suffer from. One is caused in children while second in adults of all age and third amongst the pregnant ones(though for shorter period of time).

Diabetes Symptoms,Adult Diabetes

Though the diabetes is directly related with excessive production of glucose, there are different reasons causing the diabetic conditions in different people. Following are the types of diabetes occuring in different people.

Diabetes Due To Scarcity Of Insulin- Such type of diabetes is found to emerge in those children whose pancreas gets futile and stops producing required amount of insulin in their body, which as a result, causes diabetes. To replenish the scarcity of Insulin the children are required to be administered Insulin injections regularly. 

Gestational Diabetes- Such diabetes takes place in the pregnant woman. Despite not being diabetic the woman develop diabetes following a normal level of her blood sugar increasing to a great extent. During the pregnancy stage hormonal changes occur much faster in the body of women, which increases the glucose in her blood substantiating her being diabetic. 
Adult Diabetes- Such diabetes occurs when the pancreas of adults produces insufficient insulin to control excessively produced glucose inherent in their blood. Such failure of keeping the blood glucose controlled oftentimes results into excessive blood sugar called adult diabetes.

What Are The Symptoms Of Adult Diabetes? 

Excessive glucose stored in the blood being not controlled by the insulin to be produced by pancreas enhances the intensity of diabetes causing a variety of complications to the patient. Following are the specific adult diabetes symptoms:

Tiredness or Fatigue.
Urinating frequently especially during the night hours while being on bed. 
Stomach disorder often resulting into vomiting and nausea.
Increased appetite for foods despite inability to digest it. 
Irregular menstrual period in women.
Fingers and toes experiencing numbness. 
Blurred Vision.
Impotence In Men.
Increased Thirst.
Injuries and infections recovering slowly.


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