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Major Causes Of Hair Loss

Hair loss and baldness are two major problems in today’s world, cause of hair loss can be endless. In medical terminology, temporary or permanent hair loss to an excessive degree is defined by the disorder called Alopecia. Many things affect our day to day life and hence create causes for hair loss. Each hair has a limited life, when this is reached the hair falls out to make a room for another one. Upto 100 hair a day can be lost for an average of 100,000 hairs on a head. If your hair fall is more than this ratio, you can consider it as a hair loss.

Causes Hair Loss, Baldness

It is the genes we inherit which tells us about the texture, quality and form of hairs. This hereditory factor is greatly responsible for your hair growth. Generally, the problems of concerning hairloss are also passes on from parents to the offsprings. The majot threat to healthy hair comes from diabetes and thyroid disorder.

Stress factor and Trauma
stress has entered into each and everyone’s life and considered to be the most important reason causing hair loss. Any sudden trauma can also cause temporary or permanent hair loss. Any emotional problems, examinations or sickness can provoke genuine hair loss.

Head Infections

there are many bacterial, viral or fungal infections which can cause hair loss but hair loss caused by these infections can be cured. A fungal attack of the scalp as a result of untreated dandruff.

Reaction of certain drugs or chemical
hair loss can cause as most of the antibiotics have adverse effect on the hairs. Chemical therapies given in serious diseases such as cancer also cause excessive hair loss.

Environmental stress

Some, people are unable to cope up with pressure of life. Dust, excessive exposure to sun or weather problems can cause hair loss at the great extent. Rainy season are worst for hairs and hence, result in great mount of hair loss.

Hair loss due to hormonal imbalances
Pregnancy, birth control pill, menopause are the major reasons of hormonal imbalances in the body and hence hair loss starts when imbalances occur. Hair loss in these situations can be easily cured later. During the pregnancy high amount of oestrogen provides for a longer growth period of hairs, this is suddenly interrupted after birth so shortly afterwards large amount of hairs fall. These kind of imbalances are nothing to worry about they are solved along with the imbalances.

Our hairs are precious to us and we don’t want to loose it. Little care and few tips can solve the problems of temporary hair loss but permanent hair loss or baldness should be consulted to the doctor for treatment. Cosmetic and pharmaceuticals preparations which are suppose to encourage the growth of hair roots have had a few individual signs of effectiveness.


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