Saturday, March 14, 2009

10 Key Heart Healthy

According to health experts, there are some important things that must be

for you have a high risk of heart disease among other he is:

1. Cholesterol level should be below 200 mg%

2. Always try to measure LDL less than 150 mg%

3. Kadar trigliserida gained less than 200 mg%

4. Always try to measure HDL above 50 mg%

5. Fasting sugar of less than 120 mg%

6. Sugar 2 hours postprandial (after eating) is not exceed 160 mg%

7. Blood pressure should not exceed 140 mmHg sistole and not to exceed 90 mmHg for diastole.

8. Do not smoke or cigarette smoke in the environment.

9. Can control both the stress (stress positive). regularly, gradual and measured. (Should type of respiratory likes aerobic, Cinema, sports)

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