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Honey Reduces Heart Disease Risk

Consume honey regularly reduce the risk of heart disease, based on the initial study published in "Journal of Medicinal Food" (2004; 1:100-7). Some suggest that the scientific study consume honey can reduce blood pressure that cause heart disease.

For some people regard it consume honey will cause Obesity, high LDL and high blood pressure that lead to heart disease. Why? Because they think honey has a sweet taste comes from sucrose, glucose and fructose. We know that consuming an excess sucrose trusted Obesity increase risk, resistant to insulin and high blood pressure. Sucrose also reduce the beneficial HDL and increase triglyceride levels. Fruktose have the same effect with sucrose.

Is the miracle of bee honey, sugar such as sucrose, glucose and fructose in the honey is healthful. Produce pure honey bees suck the nectar-rich flowers that will be sugar but bees sugar-processing the first in the belly of bees. Once processed in the nectar into honey bee's body, then remove the honey from the bees in the stomach. So sugar found in honey is processed in the stomach so that the first bee honey can seep directly into our blood. Based on scientific research, honey may seep into the blood about 10 minutes. This is proof we can if we get tired after exercise and the pure honey body quickly we feel fresh again.

Honey contains sugar in addition also contain many enzyme potential benefits such as amino acids, honey contains bee pollen, propolis, bee wax and nutrients derived from plants and bees own body.

Some chemical substances in the blood can be used to monitor the level of risk in heart disease. Some years earlier, the level of cholesterol and LDL ( "ugly / evil") has been used to monitor heart disease and the level of late homocysteine and C-reactive Protein (CRP) was added as a cause / factor heart disease. People with high homocysteine levels have a high heart disease, cancer and some other disease hazards.

Homocysteine is high can be derived with vitamins B6, B12 and folic acid. High CRP levels are also able to predict heart disease. Increased levels of CRP are caused by smoking, high blood pressure, Obesity and chronic gum disease.

This research study carried out on five to nine in seven experiments. In each experiment performed a blood test before and after the solution containing honey, glucose and artificial honey (a half-half fructose and sucrose). Solvents used in the experiment contain between 1 - 3 once honey, glucose or glucose and fructose.

From the results of the experiment, people who consume honey solution cholesterol level, LDL and triglyceride decrease in total but not for the solution of glucose and artificial honey.

After 15 days the experiment, people who consume honey-level HDL (good) Homocysteine levels increase and decrease. Effect of honey consumed every day for 15 days for people who have high cholesterol level: total cholesterol decreased 8%, LDL (bad) cholesterol decreased 11%, and CRP decreased 57%.

This research study recommends that honey has a positive effect for people with heart disease. In a relative short, honey can lower cholesterol and is the most dramatic decrease CRP levels of people who have high cholesterol content. CRP seems to have an important role of heart disease than cholesterol.

So consumption of sucrose, glucose and fructose can increase the risk of heart disease, this study recommends eating honey is not only safe but in fact would make healthy heart.

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