Monday, March 23, 2009

Heart Disease and Heart Healthy Diet

Lack of heart healthy diet and proper exercise is the main factor behind chronic heart diseases. Fine-tuning your unhealthy eating habits and lifestyle to well balanced fat free diet not only improves your heart and artery health, but also prevents acute cardiovascular disorders in future. If you have build-up your mind to switch-on to heart healthy diet, then you need to know what kind of foods are healthy for the heart and the overall boosting of body's immune strength.

As you know, vegetables and fruits are the best source for heart and artery health. They contain all the essential vitamins and minerals along with easily digestible fibers rich in proteins that reduce the risk of heart diseases along with maintaining normal blood cholesterol levels. Always choose fresh low-sodium canned vegetable and fruits to fried vegetables and fruits with sauces and heavy syrups. Green leafy vegetables, carrots, beetroot, broccoli, cauliflower, and fruits like apple, banana, peach, grapes, orange etc are enriched with essential vitamins and other ingredients that are proved to prevent heart diseases, while enhancing body's overall wellbeing.

An increasingly found heart disease is atherosclerosis that is caused due to the limited supply of blood to heart. This condition is caused because of the formation of cholesterol plaques in the arteries due to high cholesterol level in the blood. Therefore low consumption of saturated and trans fat rich food is highly important in reducing the risks associated with heart attacks and strokes. It is highly recommended to use poly-saturated fats (such as: seeds, nuts etc) and mono-saturated fats (canola and olive oil) in the place of saturated fats. Limiting saturated fatty food such as red meat, butter, whole milk, margarine, lard, bacon, etc are effective method of lowering threats of heart diseases. Consuming protein rich diet such as legumes (peas, beans, lentils etc), egg whites, soya beans, walnuts, and fishes rich in omega 3 fatty acids (herring, mackerel, salmon etc) are best for heart and artery health.

Whole grains including brown rice, whole wheat, high fiber cereals, oatmeal, etc are rich in vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin E, riboflavin, thiamin, niacin, iron, magnesium, zinc, phosphorous, etc that not only enrich your body's nutritional requirement, but also regulate blood pressure - thereby providing healthy heart and bones. Another alternative heart support method is the use of diet supplements with all the essential ingredients combined naturally in the form of pills for regular use. These products not only give additional complementary nutrients to the heart and artery health but also help other organs do their jobs more efficiently and as a result indirectly assist the heart.

Most heart and artery health supplements are formulated with a wide range of herbal extracts with compatible properties. They provide body with a range of amino acids in the right proportions and the right type and added enzymes for better nutrient absorption. The supplements may also help smooth the interior of the arteries to develop blood flow, stabilize blood pressure and reduce calcium build up as well as decrease homocysteine toxicity and aggregation of platelets in the blood.

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