Monday, March 9, 2009

Cigarettes & Heart Diseases

The relationship between tobacco with the blood of the lungs has to imagine the truth is that smoking behavior contributor to heart disease and diseases of other blood lines. Risk of death from heart disease is 2 to 3 more of the smokers compared with not smoking.

RISK heart attack
Atherosclerosis of the coronary arteries more common in smokers compared with not smoking. Suck smoke into the death of a major sudden, particularly in those men under the age of 50 years. Risk increases at the order at the smokers who also have high blood hypertensi or risk and both are high in most smokers. Women who take the drug prevention of pregnancy is also a strong smoking, may increase the risk of heart attack by up to 20 times. The more you smoke, (and higher tar / nicotine) greater risk.

People who stop smoking can expect to reverse the risk of heart attack death quickly. In the year to stop smoking, the risk is almost the same as the people who never smoked. Survey shows that someone who was 32 years old who does not smoke, can expect to live approximately 7 years longer than a smoker the same age.

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