Friday, March 6, 2009

Heart Attact

What is called as the "heart attack" is one of the main causes of death in the United States In three of the four cases, the victim is male, and age is usually between fifty to seventy years. Heart attack is usually caused by a typical "trombosis coronary." In fact many people call the "coroner". It began in coronary arterial, two blood vessel that supply the heart with blood. If one of these choke arterial, blood supply to the heart will stop. Network at the heart of this degeneration has started, as if injured. If one of the coronary arterial clog, branches of the small arterial others will take some time during the work. After so long, most of the blood supply of the heart has stopped, get the needed blood. If you can do both arterial tuga arterial second, that person will live.

Fortunately, in most cases, both arterial can do this task, provided that the heart does not have pressure in this period. In many patients, heart attack after the body of activity that is not normal, emotional, cold, heavy meal - or any situation that makes the heart work harder than usual. This does not actually cause heart attack, but no relation. However, in many cases, attacks can occur when people are resting. Heart attack symptoms usually include pain under the breastbone. but the pain can be felt on the first arm, neck or left shoulder. He was sweating and his breath became out of breath. People can become pale and in shock, and throbbing nadinya become weak. This person must be immediately taken to a doctor if symptoms appear such as this.

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